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Curriculum of College of Chemistry
 First year   Second year 
Introduction to Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry I
Introduction to Chemical Bond Theory Analytical Chemistry
Basic Inorganic Chemistry Physical Chemistry I
Basic Organic Chemistry Quantum Chemistry
Chemical Experiments Organic Chemistry I
Class Seminar Organic Chemistry II
Chemistry Seminar I Biochemistry
  Basic English in Chemistry
Subjects related to  Basic Chemical Experiments
  Mathematics Chemistry Seminar II
Common courses for undergraduates   

Liberal art
Information Processing
Physical education(1st and 2nd years)

 Third year   Fourth year 
Molecular Structure Analysis Graduate research
Inorganic Chemistry II Special Course of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry II Special Course of Physical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry III Special Course of Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry III Special Course of Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry IV Special Course of Biochemistry
Interface and Colloid Chemistry Chemistry Seminar IV
English in Chemistry  
Advanced Chemistry Exercise I  
Advanced Chemistry Exercise II  
Advanced Chemistry Experiment I  
Advanced Chemistry Experiment II  
Chemistry Seminar III  
Courses to be taken either in 3rd or 4th years
Structural Physical Chemistry Condensed Matter Physical Chemistry
Natural Products Chemistry Nuclear and Radiochemistry
Supramolecular Chemistry Computational Chemistry
Organic Synthetic Chemistry Solid State Chemistry
Structural Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry III