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Former Students' Messages Written during Their School Days

Yuta Koseki

"Chemistry learned for the first time" Former student graduated in 2010, Chemistry major, Graduated from Shimotsuma Daiichi High School

It may not be an exaggeration to say that chemistry is something that you learn for the first time in university. In fact, I used to think that all you need to do in chemistry is to memorize a lot of things, but I was wrong. After studying some basics, I am now able to give explanations to phenomena that are happening around me. Those of you who are not big fans of chemistry in high school days would find it fascinating at the university level. Chemistry is an area of study that is in high demand, as other fields of study such as biology, pharmaceutical sciences, and medical sciences are based on chemistry. There are many company affiliated research institutions around University of Tsukuba, and you can get involved with it in many ways. The university also provides you with many other activities like student group activities and international exchanges. Why don't you have four years of serious fun at the University of Tsukuba?(This message was given when he was student.)

Hisashi Sasagawa

"Studying chemistry" Former student graduated in 2009, Chemistry major, Graduated from Niigata Minami High School

Chemistry is a broad-ranging study, and the kind of research and methods vary infinitely, depending on the laboratory that you enter. In some research, you would keep experimenting all day long trying to synthesis new compounds, and in others you would spend hours and hours analyzing the result of experiments to find out about some kind of laws or properties. Think about the kind of things that you want to do, and it will give you motivation to study. If you are serious about acquiring skills for doing research, then you might want to study further at the graduate school level. University of Tsukuba, with its large campus, is full of student activities and a great many opportunities to meet diverse groups of people. Aside from working on your studies, by going a little out of your way, you could have precious time in your life by trying something new or making many friends. (This message is written during his school days.)

Shin Nakata

"Chemistry is what you need to study in the age to come!" Former student graduated in 2009, Chemistry major, Graduated from Tochigi High School

I am now studying at the University of Tsukuba, majoring in Chemistry. The research facilities are exceptional here and it has been worthwhile studying. Since I started studying chemistry at the university level, I have come to realize how everyday life is flooded with chemistry. It's fascinating to know that you understand things from cosmetics, detergent, insecticide, to rocket fuel. The world is in critical condition for all living organisms now. It's not an exaggeration to say that such issues as global warming and endocrine disturbing chemicals cannot be deciphered without the knowledge of chemistry. It gives me a charge to think that I might be able to find some solution to these problems, and it makes me carry on my study. Eventually, my name will appear on the text books, and so ultimately I won't be in a pinch for money. (This message is written during his school days.)