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Messages from Current and Former Students
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Kayoko Kataoka

"Chemistry, the World of Wonder and Joy" Current student enrolled in 2007, College of Chemistry, Graduated from Takezono High School

Chemistry you are about to study at university brings you endless surprises. Things you have taken for granted would turn out to be wrong in actuality, things you are not so sure about would become clear, and you come to realize what you have learned in high school was a such a tiny speck and so ambiguous. All that is in this world is made up of atoms and molecules, so the world of chemistry that deals with such a realm is vast and profound. I am still learning a lot, but I am filled with joyful expectations that I might be able to create new materials or new functionalities with my own hands. University of Tsukuba is equipped with full-fledged research facilities. In this privileged environment, you will find the wonder and joy of chemistry.

Taiki Hattori

"The Truth About Chemistry" Current student enrolled in 2007, College of Chemistry, Graduated from Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Senior High School

Some people dislike chemistry, but as you study it in the university, you will be able to understand things through logic that you put so much energy into memorizing in high school, and be able to interpret phenomena that are happening around you. Talking about chemistry, a lot of people would imagine chemical experiments, but we are not simply mixing and heating up chemicals. Often times, we would analyze things using computers and expensive equipment. I have learned the joy of studying chemistry through all those lectures and experiments, and I am hoping that new students will go through what I have discovered in chemistry. Won't you study chemistry with us, that serves as a cornerstone of not only science and technology but also society. I believe that the four years spent here would be a wonderful experience for all of you.

Nobuyuki Ikeda

"A place to unlock your potential"  Teacher at Toin Gakuen High School, Graduated in 1999

What a great university! I have learned a great deal during my four years at the University of Tsukuba. In university, our experience was expanded dramatically both in fields of study and everyday life. The most attractive thing I found about University of Tsukuba was that a lot of students were striving for their goals with a clear purpose in mind, not to mention the beauty of the world-class campus as well as outstanding facilities and environment for studies. You also would encounter lots of international students on campus. I received language course credits for my short term study at a German university. University of Tsukuba has its doors wide open for the world. It is a place where you can develop your intellect and unlock your potential for the future.

Shinichiro Maki

"Vast world of chemistry" Researcher at Tsukuba Research Institute of Tokyo Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Graduated in 1995

I am currently working for a company research institute, developing photo-functional materials. It is a challenging kind of work. You can take advantage of what you have learned at university and build things up on your own, although not everything that you thought might work would do so at times. Back in my high school days, I didn't like chemistry so much. I thought that chemistry required too much memorization as compared with mathematics or physics. My guess is that a lot of people have a similar impression, which would change once you study it at the university level. Your memorized knowledge about chemistry doesn't mean anything unless you understand it. The kind of chemistry that you learn at high school is just a part of a whole picture. The vast world of chemistry ahead of you should satisfy your cravings for intellectual appetite.

Kenji Morihashi
"Uncover your limitless creativity" Professor in Chemistry, Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Graduated in 1978 

The moment that you find chemistry fascinating would be in your experimentation anticipating a certain result, turned out to be something that you least expected. This kind of discovery, even though it is such an insignificant detail, would make you excited. The wonder that you experience when you obtain something incomprehensible and the joy of deciphering what it is are the kinds of feeling that would move you and captivate you in the world of chemistry. It is, in part, an integrated science as chemistry could be the key in many facets of science such as material, life and environment. You can even say that it all depends on the creativity of chemists in solving multitude of problems in the twenty first century such as energy and environment. It takes one whole day to stroll all over the campus of University of Tsukuba. I am certain that this beautiful campus would provide you with something that would uncover your limitless creativity.