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Faculty members of College of Chemistry
  Name Field of Research
Professor Tatsuo Arai Photochemical reaction dynamics of organic compounds.
  Taka-aki Ishibashi Molecular spectroscopy, especially development and application of linaer and nonlinear interface vibrational spectroscopy.
  Junji Ichikawa Development and control of synthetic organic reactions.
  Hiroki Oshio Molecular chemistry of metal complexes.
  Hideo Kigoshi Bioorganic chemistry of natural products.
  Takahiko Kojima Bioinspired redox chemistry of metal complexes and porphyrins.
  Kazuya Saito Material physics and chemistry of molecular assemblies.
  Keisuke Sueki Radiochemical analysis of new functional material.
  Kiyoharu Nakatani Chemistry of microdroplet and liquid/liquid interface.
  Tatsuya Nabeshima Supramolecular chemistry, host-guest chemistry, molecular recognization.
  Kenji Morihashi Quantum chemistry of radical molecule structure and reaction.
  Yasuhiko Yamamoto Structural chemistry of metalloprotein, biomolecules.
Associate Professor Masaaki Ichinohe Synthesis and structure of heavier group 14 element compounds.
  Aya Sakaguchi Environmental dynamics using stable/radio-isotopes.
  Tomoo Sato Photochemical properties of mesoscopic structures.
  Yoshinobu Nishimura Relaxation process of photo-excitation.
  Masayuki Nihei Creation of photo-responsive functional systems.
  Kohei Fuchibe Development of organic synthesis reactions using transition metal elements.
  Toru Matsui Development of computational schemes for pKa value and redox potential in bio-molecules.
  Yasuhisa Yamamura Physical chemistry of molecular aggregates and inorganic materials.
Lecturer Vladimir Ya. Lee Reactive chemical heavier group 14 elements.
  Tomoya Ishizuka Syntheses and Self-assembly of Functional Metal.
  Shigenori Nagatomo Metalloprotein functions and structure.
  Atsuya Momotake Synthesis, properties and functions of photoresponsive dendrimers.
Assistant Professor Takayuki Ohyoshi Synthetic study of bioactive natural products and structure-activity relationship.
  Masanari Okuno Development of molecular and nonlinear spectroscopy and its application.
  Hiroaki Kotani Development of functional metal complexes and their application to photocatalytic reaction.
  Masato Kondoh Molecular spectroscopy in solution and at interface.
  Takuya Shiga Rational syntheses of low-dimensional molecule-based magnets and studies on specific physical properties.
  Takashi Nakamura Supramolecular metal complexes utilizing organic ligands and metal ions.
  Mafumi Hishida Studies on the self-assemble mechanism of soft materials.
  Takeshi Fujita Synthetic Approach to Polycyclic Compounds.
  Shinya Yamasaki Study on the fate of radioactive substances in soil.